What is normobaric chamber?

The normobaric chamber consists of two rooms. The first is a sluice where the atmospheric pressure is 1000 hPa. Passing through the airlock, we prepare to enter the main chamber, in which the most optimal atmospheric conditions for the human body allow for oxygen therapy .

Optimal conditions in the normobaric chamber

Few of us realize that the conditions on Earth are not the most optimal for us. In areas located around the coastlines of seas and oceans, atmospheric pressure reaches 1000 hPa. This value is too low for the blood to circulate in the human body quickly enough to distribute adequate amounts of oxygen and nutrients.

The composition of the atmosphere also differs significantly from the one that promotes our health. 21% oxygen, 0.03% carbon dioxide and trace amounts of molecular hydrogen are conditions in which our body regenerates more slowly, falls ill more often and ages faster.



There is less than 21% oxygen in the atmosphere, there is 32% to 40% oxygen in the normobaric chamber.

Dwutlenek węgla

Carbon dioxide

0.03% of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and in the normobaric chamber it is from 0.7% to 1.3%.



 0.0005% hydrogen in the atmosphere and 0.5% hydrogen in the normobaric chamber.

Wysokie ciśnienie dla Twojego zdrowia

There is no life without oxygen, and without proper oxygen there is no health. Oxygen is needed for every cell of our body to make it die as slowly as possible and divide as efficiently as possible. Oxygen is also needed for the proliferation of stem cells, which in turn are responsible for the regeneration of our body. 

What does a session in a normobaric chamber look like?

Sessions in the normobaric chamber are time for each of us. During the session, we can rest, read and enjoy the moment that we have only for ourselves. Our customers feel comfortable and safe thanks to the DOPAIR decontamination system, which cleans the air of viruses, bacteria and fungi in our Normolife chamber. Regular visits to the normobaric chamber is the simplest recipe for relaxation and preventive health care at one time. We cordially invite you to arrange visits and visits in Konstancin Jeziorna.

DOPAIR decontamination

We are the first normobaric chamber in Poland, which has an air decontamination device – removes and kills all microorganisms so you are safe and do not get infected by bacteria or viruses.

Quality and safety

The normobaric chamber meets national requirements in terms of fire protection, construction and low voltage, has a mark. The chamber is completely equipped and has a CE certificate.

Design and production

Designing and supervision is carried out in accordance with the approved ISO 9001 system supervised by UDT Cert. Research and technology is in line with European standards.

The latest tank production technologies based on many years of experience and competence of employees participating in the production process from the engineering department through logistics, quality control and production are the guarantee of the highest quality of normobaric chambers.

Where to use the normobaric chamber?

We cordially invite you to arrange visits and visits to Konstancin Jeziorna (8 km from Warsaw).