Rules for using

Rules for using the normobaric chamber

  • 1. Before entering the chamber, read the health contraindications and sign an appropriate statement.
  • 2. In the cooler period, the chamber enters after leaving the outer garments in the cloakroom.
  • 3. Due to the dimensions of the passage, the entrance to the lock is made individually
  • 4. After taking seats, we try to limit walking around the chamber except then using the toilet
  • 5. Constant with reception is possible through the intercom, to do this pick up the telephone handset on the cabinet in the chamber and press the key No. 1
  • 6. When using Red-Ox water, throw the cup into the waste bin before leaving
  • 7. You can log in to the free Wi-Fi network, however, you are asked to use the phone and laptop without disturbing the peace. There is a SILENCE ZONE in the chamber
  • 8. Please do not user perfumes or cosmetics with a strong fragrance before the planned session in the chamber
  • 9. We do not bring food or alcohol will not be able to use the chamber
  • 10. Persons under the influence of alcohol will not be able to use the chamber
  • 11. If you feel unwell during the screening, please inform the reception immediately