Strengthen your immunity against bacteria and viruses

22 July 2020

The Normo Life normobaric chamber not only supports the treatment of many diseases, but also strengthens the body’s resistance to bacteria and viruses. the number of cases of influenza and other diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract is increasing, to which children and the elderly are particularly exposed. To enjoy good health or gently undergo periods of malaise, it is worth to strengthen your body’s resistance in advance.

Oxygen is life and health

The Normo Life pressure chamber has a special air mixture that contains up to 40 percent. oxygen, which is almost twice as much as in natural conditions. Oxygen absorption into the cells enables safe carbon dioxide content, reaching up to 1.9% and pressure up to 1500 hPa. Oxygen therapy (10 sessions of two hours each are recommended) is a great prevention against diseases because it strengthens immunity. Thanks to it, cells forming the immune system are oxygenated, the body has more strength to fight infections and is able to more effectively resist all viruses and bacteria.

What’s more, anaerobic bacteria play an important role in the development of many diseases. The oxygen supplied is toxic to them and we significantly reduce their harmful effects.

Healthy hydrogen

The air mixture in the chamber is also enriched with hydrogen, which is up to 20 thousand. times more than in the wild. It turns out that this concentration has a positive effect on our health. It acts on cells, being a powerful antioxidant and having anti-inflammatory properties. Thanks to this, cell life is prolonged. In addition, it supports intestinal health, relieves allergic reactions and helps get rid of harmful substances from the body. Due to the increased content of hydrogen, the body’s ability to fight infections caused by a virus or bacteria automatically increases.

Pleasant and safe sessions

The oxygenation process in the Normo Life normobaric chamber is completely safe for children and adults. The chamber has all the necessary certificates. In addition, there is an air decontamination device inside that eliminates all microorganisms. Thanks to this, there is no risk of catching bacteria or viruses. People in the Normo Life chamber can use Red-Ox water, which has been saturated with hydrogen molecules. It destroys free radicals dangerous for the body, removes toxins and supplies cells with energy.

Open seven days a week

The Normo Life Normobaric chamber in Konstancin-Jeziorna is open from Monday to Sunday between 9-21. The sessions take place every two hours, so there are 6 during the day. The price for 10 entries is 1000 PLN in the standard option and 1500 PLN in the VIP option. Ticket promotion is valid until the end of June – you get an additional 3 sessions for free!

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