Pojedyncza sesja w komorze normobarycznej

It is proved that the right amount of oxygen in our body is a fundamental condition of life. No background nu interrupts many life processes. More precisely, the lack of oxygen is the end of life. We need oxygen not only for free breathing, but also for the oxygenation of cells.


One cycle of normobaric oxygen therapy consists of a series of 10 sessions lasting 2 hours

Oxygen therapy takes place in the most modern Normo Life chamber . The chamber is equipped with elegant and comfortable rooms, where you can come with the whole family, friend or even have a business meeting.

The chamber has 19 seats:

15 standard seats, which are located in the main hall. The seats are very comfortable and have an adjustable backrest.

4 VIP seats are located in a separate room. The wide seats have an adjustable backrest and footrest for a reclining position. A Nespresso machine, tea and a sweet treat are available in the VIP area. TV with Netfix.

Pomieszczenie sesji VIP w komorze normobarycznej Normo Life
Widok ze środka komory Normo Life

NORMOLIFE IS THE FIRST NORMOBARIC CHAMBER IN POLAND in which there is an air decontamination device – it removes and kills all microorganisms in 99.95%.

This therapy is completely safe, natural and can be used without restrictions by adults and children.

Before the session, take into account our contraindications to use the normobaric chamber.

The temperature inside the chamber it’s 21-22 degrees Celsius – felt around 20 degrees For the convenience and full comfort of our guests due to the perceived lower temperature in the chamber, please bring a warmer garment.