How does it work?

Wnętrzne komory normobarycznej Normo Life

Normobaric chamber

Normo Life is a pressure room with 1500hPa (like 5 meters under water). It is an innovative, effective method, whose main task is to provide the cells with the greatest amount of oxygen. During a 2-hour session, you breathe a perfectly composed oxygen mixture. The chamber contains carbon dioxide and hydrogen, which help oxygenate and extend the life of our cells. Thanks to the increased amount of carbon dioxide in the blood, the body absorbs oxygen better. In contrast, hydrogen prevents the natural breakdown of the cell and is an effective antioxidant that delays the aging process of cells.

The basic problem in most diseases is the destruction and hypoxia of the body’s cells, therefore oxygen therapy in the normobaric chamber has many applications in improving health .

It is completely safe and natural therapy, it has no negative impact on the functioning of the body, so it can be used without restrictions by adults and children.

Oxygen mixture parameters

Inside the chamber is 40% oxygen, 0.5% to 1.9% carbon dioxide and 0.5% hydrogen. Carbon dioxide (which is 70 times more than in natural weather conditions) allows the body to absorb oxygen. To extend the life of the cell, hydrogen molecules (10 to 20 thousand times more than outside the chamber) are also added, which are a powerful antioxidant responsible for cell aging.

Widok ze środka komory Normo Life

Benefits of treatments

DELAY OF AGING PROCESSES: effectively oxygenates all body cells and accelerates the development of new blood vessels

SLIMMING: stimulates the production of collagen, elastin, reduces cellulite and supports metabolism

DEPRESSION: reduces depression by oxygenating nerve cells

FAST REGENERATION: accelerates the regeneration of damaged skin cells after operations, injuries, surgery or cosmetic cosmetics

AUTISM: reduces the symptoms of autism by regenerating and increasing the activity of brain nerve cells

BETTER PHYSICAL CONDITION: improves the efficiency of the body, promotes faster recovery after sports injuries and accelerates recovery after exercise

RESISTANCE: stimulates the immune system in adults and children

CHEMIOTHERAPY: instantly regenerates cells after chemotherapy

PSORIASIS, AD, EGZEMA: spectacular effects during the treatment of these difficult skin diseases

OSTEOPOROSIS:  responsible for maintaining strong bones

IMPOTENCE: positively affects impotency, delivering ingredients to distant hypoxic cells